Hello and welcome to Spare the Rod’s official resource center. Here you will find local, state, and federal, help, grants, resources and tools to help you when you are struggling. Due to the overwhelming number of children in a broken foster care system that they often age out of without a family to rely on, due to the troubled teen industry; a massive web of private and public youth facilities designed to brainwash and assimilate youth and torture them into submission, and a society that is just failing its future generations, we hope to provide some relief for those who will utilize these tools to better themselves and their every day well being. We hope this helps! If you have an questions, comments or concerns please email us at resources@sparetherodnp.com Thanks!


Spare the Rod hopes to help those struggling with trauma, recovering from child abuse, family neglect, poverty, the troubled teen industry, mental illness and drug addiction by engaging with those in need and getting them the help and resources they require to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives! We focus especially on young adults who have been incarcerated as youth.


We are an anti-authoritarian, antiracist, anti child abuse, police brutality, and ICE cruelty non profit that believes in being as inclusive and including as many survivor voices as possible. We believe all victims deserve a seat at the table when we discuss these issues. We believe the “tough love” model for assimilating youth through the use of troubled teen industry boarding schools, rehabs, boot camps, wilderness camps and more to be abusive and dangerous to the health and well being of teens and young adults and we plan to help victims heal and overcome the abuse they suffered as children and teens. 

How It Works

This site will contain links to local, state, and federal resources for shelter, housing, food, counseling services, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, harm reduction, legal aid, and more! We hope it will help survivors of these abusive systems find the resources they need to overcome the impact they have had on their lives. If you have any questions, comments or concerns email us at Resources@SpareTheRodNP.com