Spare The Rod

An anti Troubled Teen Industry, Police Brutality & Ice Cruelty Non Profit


Spare the Rod was founded by troubled teen industry survivor and activist Brett Harper in 2019. The goal was to help survivors of the troubled teen industry be heard, seek justice, and work with lawmakers and politicians to enact changes to ensure future generations don’t have to endure the kind of abuse and exploitation that Brett and survivors like him have. 

Spare the Rod has helped pass four laws in three states. In three instances Spare the Rod actually worked with politicians and survivors to write legislation that would later be passed in Oregon and Missouri. In another instance, in Utah, Brett Harper spoke before lawmakers alongside Paris Hilton and team, as they worked to pass reforms.

Brett was the sole person working on this project until 2022, with some help from outside orgs or the occasional temporary volunteer. As of May of 2022 Spare the Rod has a board of directors. Spare the Rod is expanding and looking to include more people, more diversity, more survivors of abuse and neglect. 

Using social media, the news, and word of mouth Spare the Rod continues to pressure lawmakers for real and substantial changes to the troubled teen industry, how police treat our citizens, and how ICE treats immigrants. However helping change the laws to prevent future abuse won’t help victims in the present. That is why Spare the Rod has created this resource site to help those struggling to take back their lives after being institutionalized as a youth, attacked by police, or mistreated by immigration. We believe all of these problems stem from a “tough love” “authoritarian” “fascist” view of how the world should work and we promise to fight that toxic world view with everything we’ve got! 


Andrew Haynes

Resource Director

Nobody has a bigger heat than our Resource Director Andrew! This guy love to help people and thats why after he finished his Associates of Science in Human Services he started working for a local brokerage named United Cerebral Palsy or UCP. After over 4 years of faithfully serving customers and making sure Personal Agents (caretakers) get paid it is our pleasure to have Andrew as our local, state, and federal resources guru! If anyone cares about those struggling and can help them find the resources they need its Andrew! 



The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On!

Here are Spare the Rod we aim to help as many survivors of child abuse, police brutality, and ICE cruelty as possible. We are a small organization but you can count on us to search far and wide, high and low to find you the resources you need to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life post trauma. Our staff are not paid. We do this out of the kindness of our hearts. We are here for you!